3 San Diego Activities That Give Discounts for Groups

October 27, 2016

Booking your training camp in the gem of Southern California’s doesn’t just mean that you enjoy perfect 70-degree weather and train within walking distance of the beach. Neighboring San Diego offers a vibrant tourist scene, which means that there are countless activities for you and your team members to enjoy.

We know that schools and college students are on a budget. That’s why at BBMAC we strive to put together our cost effective training packages. To help ease the burden of your recovery and exploration days, we outlined three different outings that give discounts for groups. 


USS Midway 

Blast into the past by exploring America’s longest-serving aircraft carrier. Once you step aboard, you will be transported to a floating city. The more than 60 exhibits take you through every aspect of a sailor’s life, as well as dig into the history of the ship. 

Looking for bonus points? Trip Advisor awarded the USS Midway Museum with the title “#1 Thing to do in San Diego.” You can’t go wrong with an attraction with that kind of prestige.

Groups with over 10 people save $3 on admission when you reserve in advance. Check out the specifics here. Each ticket gets you a free audio guide that walks you through each and every exhibit.


San Diego Zoo

With more than 15 in your crew, you’re in luck at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. This esteemed animal park gives you a solid 10% discount for tickets. When navigating a school budget, this should be music to your ears. If you’re looking to make an entire day event out of the zoo, they also have meal vouchers available for $14 a person.

A trip here will treat your members to see one of the largest collections of different species in the world. From the reptiles that normally inhabit the deserts to the creatures living in the arctic north, you can find close to any creature here.

Find out how to reserve tickets here.


Whale Watching

Take to the water in pursuit of viewing the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale. Frequenting the San Diego shores, the majestic blue whale and gray whale complete an epic migration from Alaska to Baja Mexico every year. This means that San Diego’s 70 miles of coastline make for ample viewing grounds. Throughout the high season, which varies by breed, you can see several pods of whales during a single cruise. December through April you will encounter the gray whale. May through November brings the blue whale past our shores.

San Diego Whale Watch offers discounts for larger groups. Explore both their group discount options as well as their half price cruises on Tuesday and Thursdays. Call (619) 839-0128 for specific pricing.


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In reality, these are only a few of the countless activities you can do with your team when you choose to train at BBMAC. Nestled in the heart of the island of Coronado, BBMAC is a world-class training facility near the beach that enjoys all the attractions of neighboring San Diego.

Sold on the idea of training in a region that offers such an eclectic display of activities? Book your training camp today. The season starts to quickly fill up and you want to ensure you can book your dates.