4 Exercises for Swimmers in the Gym

November 22, 2016

We’re all guilty of falling in love with a few exercises and not venturing out from our typical routines. Yet when it comes to making measurable gains in the gym, you need to diversify your team’s regiment.

There’s no better place to mix it up than your training camp. Moving away from your familiar gym makes the perfect atmosphere to try out new series and explore different movements. To help, we scoured through some of the top athletic publications to bring you four new exercises to shake up your regular routine.


Triceps Cable Press


London 2012 Olympian Grant Turner connected with Swimming.Org to relay some of his favorite exercises, which is where we were reminded of the Triceps Cable Press. Using a straight or angled bar on the pulley, stand upright facing the machine. Start with biceps tucked to the body and the forearms extended perpendicular to the floor. Use the triceps to pull the bar down until the bar touches the thighs and slowly bring the arms back to the perpendicular position.


Goblet Squats


USA Swimming brought this gem to our attention. Using a kettle bell nestled close to the chest, start in a standing position. Then squat down until your hamstrings touch your calves. It’s important to keep your head up and facing forward as well as your back straight. Knees should also remain behind the toes.

Rise back up and repeat.


Long Leg Scissor Crunch


Recommended by ACTIVE magazine, the long leg scissor crunch strengthens several supplemental muscle groups to give swimmers extra power when they kick. Similar to a bicycle crunch, start lying on your back with legs extended out and hands behind your head. Raise straight legs 6-10 inches from the ground. Then, with legs straight, crunch up while bringing one extended straight leg to the opposite arm. Lower down to switch sides, but keep the legs hovering above the ground for maximum impact.


Turkish Get Up


Doubling down on the core exercises, Breaking Muscle steps up the intensity with their recommendation for the Turkish Get Up. It would be rare to find an athlete that “loves” the Turkish Get Up. Bottom line, it’s one of those drills that only gluttons for punishment enjoy. Luckily, it helps create incredible returns in the pool.

This is one of the more complex exercises we encountered on our hunt because it combines so many different series of movements. Rather than bore you with our long and possibly confusing description, we thought a video from Breaking Muscle would make it that much easier.


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