7 Best Swimming Coaches and Trainers to Follow on Instagram

April 27, 2017

We know as a coach, you always have swimming on the brain. It’s not exactly something you shut down while you head to the grocery store or kill time between meetings. If you’re looking for bite-sized inspirations, tips or just plain old swimming shots to soak up in the spare time throughout your day, we have you covered.

Here are the top 7 Swimming Instagram accounts to follow.

Go Swim TV 

For a behind-the-scenes look into the training habits and techniques of competitive swimmers – even former Olympians – Go Swim TV is the account to check out. They seamlessly blend swimming technique videos with dry land routines to keep you and your team on your A-game. 

Check out their feed here.



For a technical soiree, SwimmersBest takes the gold. They skip the beauty shots for purely swimming technique posts. What you give up in glamor shots you gain in practical tips and innovative approaches for mastering the stroke basics. If you’re looking to come down on poor technique, you’ve found your tribe.


Scope out more techniques here.


Swim Like 

To balance all those robust technique shots, add a few beauty shots from the swimming world. As a feature account, Swim Like regrams some of the most interesting or enjoyable swimming content on Instagram. In short, you have your own personal content curator. They also add a bit of swimming humor to the mix, reminding us all of the quirky personalities and entertaining moments that make coaching so rewarding.



Check it out here.


Swimming World Mag 

To stay up to date on industry news, best practices and what the pros have to say, Swimming World Mag’s Instagram feed gives you the most updated pulse on what’s happening in the wonderful world of swimming. It’s also the best place to tune into the results of countless swimming matches around the globe.  

They also know how to lighten to mood: 


Follow them here.


The Race Club 

Blending inspirational captions, quality swimming technique nuggets and even a little sports humor, the Race Club keeps a vibrant feed geared specifically for coaches and swimming enthusiasts. This account focuses a little more on the inspirational pieces of swimming and cultivating a community that just plain loves swimming as opposed to the previous training focused feeds.


See for yourself here.



We know they are basically promoting their own gear, but they do it in such a crafty way that we can’t help but indulge. From stunning photos of pools around the globe to interviews with leading athletes to inspiration, this is one branded account worth following.


See more here.


My Swim Pro 

Now for your mainly inspirational feed, My Swim Pro. They keep things light with motivational posts, encouraging quotes and stunning photography. They are the perfect Instagram account for keeping you upbeat throughout the week. 


See the full feed here.


Bringing It Home 

While we all need that bit of inspiration to keep things going, we know that come training time it’s all about execution. For the best venue to implement your new training strategies and set your team up for success going into the final phase of the season, consider BBMAC. Located in gorgeous Coronado, CA we combine a state of the art training facility with the appeal of visiting paradise.

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