Benefits of Our Swim & Stay Packages

January 25, 2017

With the introduction of Pinterest, bloggers, and YouTube, the world today has seen a rise in the “Do It Yourself” movement. From travel to home improvement to fixing your car, instructions for pretty much anything can be found with the click of a button. Thus, many individuals choose to champion endeavors on their own.

Why, then, do we encourage coaches to sidestep the DIY route and instead opt for Swim & Stay Packages when booking their training camp at BBMAC in Coronado?

It’s simple, really. We put these packages together for you in order to provide you the best value for the least amount of effort. Coaches’ jobs are hard enough without adding travel agent to the mix. Why not take advantage of a good thing?

To help solidify how helpful it is, we’ve compiled a list of all the benefits. 


Easy to Book

Here on the island we aren’t fans of jumping through hoops. We know the dedicated coaches we work with have enough on their hands. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to work with the hotels on your behalf.

All you have to do is call our team at BBMAC to secure your training dates. We work with the hotels to ensure availability and confirm bookings. Yes, when you call, you can talk to an actual human being. We don’t send you on one of those automated merry-go-rounds that companies have become so fond of these days.


Proximity to the Pool

Transportation in cities is a hassle. That doesn’t even take into account the additional costs of hiring out a bus to chauffeur your team around. We’re all about simplicity in Coronado. 

Why bus when you can walk?

Five of our six hotel partners are on the island. That means you can ditch the entire headache of working with a driver to manage every aspect of your day, as well as waiting in traffic. Instead, walk (or run) the historic streets of Coronado to our world-class facility. Several of the hotels are within three blocks of the pool.

All that extra time you save can be spent at the beach.


Priced with Colleges In Mind

Swimming programs don’t have endless resources to put on training camps. Bottom line: you’re on a budget. Because we negotiate prices with the hotels, you save big on high-quality rooms. Remember, Coronado is a highly sought after summer destination. That means a lot of the hotels we partner with are pretty upscale and classy. Your college students won’t know what hit them when they wander into the luxury rooms at the Glorietta Bay Inn. 


With rooms like these, it’s hard to not feel like you are on vacation. Don’t worry. This particular hotel loves the influx of college teams visiting in the winter, which is why they gave us a screaming deal.

Now, combine all these specially designed hotel deals with our affordable pool rates, and the savings keep adding up.


Custom Packages 

We base our pricing on 2 two-hour practices per day. That’s what many of our coaches opt for, but we know not every coaching program is the same. If you have a difference vision for your training camp, we can make that happen. We work directly with you to build out your customized training camp session.

Additionally, training at BBMAC gives you incredible versatility particularly for your cross-training endeavors. First, put our weight room to the test. Then you can venture out to the Coronado High School track and field facilities for other traditional cross-training endeavors.

For the really creative workout routines, explore the unique cross-training options in Coronado.


Good Things Don’t Last Forever

These Swim & Stay Packages create huge benefits for coaches. Unfortunately, good things don’t last forever. We serve teams on a first come, first serve basis with limited school training camp slots during the winter months. 

To reserve your team’s spot and take advantage of all these incredible package benefits, call or email us today. We are currently accepting reservations for 2017 and 2018.