College Swim Training Camp Guide to San Diego Sightseeing

March 28, 2016

You bring your team to Coronado to train. This will be a week or two weeks of full-on intensive training. From hitting the pool twice a day to cross training to incorporating in team building activities, it’s going to be a packed program.

The goals are to make substantial gains in the water, bring the team closer together, and prepare for upcoming meets. 

That’s what you’re here for.

Luckily, all swimmers need a day off at some point during the camp. It’s the team’s day to slip away to the neighboring city for a bit of exploration and fun to offset the intensive program. Shaking things up is good for the soul as well as a pleasant way to mentally relax. Our proximity to San Diego is likely one of the reasons you chose Coronado to host your destination camp. 

It’s your chance to transform from coach to sightseer, even if it’s only for a few hours.

So hop on the ferry and enjoy a day exploring California’s favorite skyline. You can catch the boat from Ferry Landing. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the pool. From there, you can either go directly across to the convention center, nestling you into the heart of Gaslamp district, or opt instead for slightly north at the Broadway Pier. Either stop will give you plenty of activities, not to mention the jaw-dropping views on the way over.

Or you can get creative and mix it up by going to one stop and departing from the other!

The northern Broadway Pier ferry stop will put you right next to the USS Midway Museum. This historic carrier transports you back 50 years to the life of a Navy sailor. You will even have volunteer veterans to recount some of the stories from when this ship was active.

From here you can explore east to Little Italy, a twenty-minute walk, or south to Seaport Village, ten minutes via foot. The charming Little Italy area offers an array of scrumptious authentic eateries and delightful art galleries. If you visit on a Saturday, you can enjoy the biggest San Diego farmer’s market

If you diverge south from the pier, make sure to spend time walking around Seaport Village. This charismatic area offers unique shops to peruse along with enjoyable views of the boats in the marina.

Heading along the harbor will take you southwest toward the Convention Center. Unless you plan on adding a few stairs to your routine today, make sure to stay to the north side of the Convention Center. Should you find yourself on the harbor side, the only way to cross halfway is up and over their steep stairs. The Convention Center is just over a half a mile long, so it’s almost easier to hike those stairs. 

Across the street from the halfway point of the Convention Center is Gaslamp District. You’ll know you made it when you see the iconic Gaslamp sign over the entrance to 5th Avenue. You will also be able to see the baseball stadium, Petco Park, from the entrance sign. Gaslamp is a great neighborhood to walk around, enjoy some shopping, and grab some grub.

Should you want a little more wildlife in your sightseeing, the world famous San Diego Zoo is about a 50-minute walk from this point. If you depart from Little Italy, it’s closer to 35 minutes. 

Next to the zoo is historic Balboa Park. This stunning visual display of botanical gardens integrated with Spanish Mexican architecture delights travelers from all over the globe. You can also add a little education to your adventure by hitting one of our museums located in the park.

After taking in all those sights, you may be tired from a day’s work. Who said sightseeing was easy?

If you’re up for even more great places, check out our full guide of San Diego’s biggest attractions. Should you decide to invite the team along for some team bonding, we have highlighted several restaurants that offer group dining

To book your Coronado training camp, contact us at BBMAC today! We offer affordable swim and stay packages that make planning simple. With our world-class facility, you can be confident that your team will be able to make all the gains in the water you set out to accomplish.