Fun (And Educational) Activities for Your Recovery Days

August 7, 2017

Who said being a tourist can’t be educational as well as fun? Not us! When you book your swim team’s training camp in Coronado, you can seamlessly blend educational activities into the fun for your recovery day itinerary. Even better, these are such well-known attractions in the area that your student athletes won’t even put up a fight when they slip their way into the day’s lineup.

That’s the benefit of traveling to Coronado. We are located right next to the vibrant San Diego. You can enjoy the luxuries of a remote paradise, such as safety, walkability, and golden beaches while being only a 15-minute ferry ride away from the diverse array of attractions in neighboring San Diego.

To help get your educational itinerary rolling, here are several educational destinations that double as illustrious tourist destinations. 


Exploring the Marine World

To glimpse the world down under, venture to the Birch Aquarium. This living museum features over 60 habitats and the fish and marine life that love them. Wander through the homes of jellyfish, sea horses, crabs, and countless fish. You’ll feel like you stepped into a real life version of Finding Nemo. Finish off your tour of the aquarium with a stunning view of the La Jolla beach and Pacific Ocean. 

If you want to take the experience to the next level, take the adventure to the seas. Ocean Connectors offers customized eco-excursions founded around educating the participants about the habitats and the animals, and more importantly, displaying these beautiful creatures in the wild. 

Choose between a guided kayak tour to see the Eastern Pacific green sea turtle, a dynamic whale watching excursion, or a guided bird watching adventure. More details here. Birch Aquarium also takes the term, “meeting the locals” to a whole new level with their snorkeling with Leopard Sharks program.


Taking on the Animal Kingdom

For a dry land approach to see the king of the jungle (and his closest 3,000+ friends), head to the San Diego Zoo. Here your students will meander through different eco systems, learn about the majestic creatures gracing our planet, and see what the forefront leaders in conservation are doing to protect the endangered species.

For a twist on the original, explore the San Diego Safari Park. This park transcends the traditional zoo experience by housing a smaller number of animals, but focusing on integrating animals into more natural environments. They’ve also been known to house a higher number of babies. This experiential park blends in a variety of unique adventures, such as walking along the jungle ropes above the safari, flying above the park gaining a bird’s eye view of giraffes and rhinos, navigating the safari terrain to get a closer look at the animals in a natural habitat, and more.


Museums for Every Interest

No matter the interest or major of your students, San Diego has a museum to match. Several of them even float! If maritime history or taking a peek into the lives of our Navy service men and women floats your boat, then you need to head to the Waterfront Park area of the Gaslamp District. Here you’ll discover the Maritime Museum, a fleet of historic vessels, as well as the infamous U.S.S Midway, a retired Navy aircraft carrier.

For museums with a different flavor, set your sights on Balboa Park. This park hosts 18 different museums and educational gardens entrenched in history, innovation, and science. From the Museum of Man to the San Diego Air & Space Museum to the Museum of Art to the Japanese Friendship Garden, this park truly has something for every interest.


Starting Your Adventure Today

The first step to unlocking this vibrant display of educational adventures is to secure your team’s swimming training slot at BBMAC in Coronado. We provide a world-class facility for your team to train at, while creating a package that fits your school’s budget.

Rest easy knowing you’ll be in a position to make all the necessary gains over your camp while providing a destination your entire team can get excited about. And that’s only covering the educational activities! We’d say just imagine the possibilities, but in truth, we already created a guide to exploring neighboring San Diego.


Reserve your team’s training camp today. Hurry, they fill up fast!