Intensify Focus - Why Training Camps are Important

January 13, 2015

Student athletes are always students first, athletes second. But as a coach, imagine the possibilities if you could wipe away all of the other distractions and stress from school, focusing their energy solely on training.

That’s exactly what training camps accomplish. 

Take Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

We get comfortable in our regular routines - same schedule and same pool everyday. And while unintentional, we tend to lose motivation and focus. A training camp is a great way to reinvigorate your team.

Everyone on your team is there because they have a deep seeded passion for swimming or water polo and incredible talent. Bring the passion back to the forefront through a change of scenery. Simply through the act of changing things up, such as the landscape, will draw your team’s focus back to the sport. Add in the San Diego incredible weather and sunshine, and you have a recipe for success.

Set Goals

While your team’s intensity will naturally increase just due to the change in venue, maximize this opportunity through developing intentional focus. Challenge your team to set personal goals for their training camp. This will motivate them to actively participate in increasing their concentration and making improvements.

Look to set goals outside the pool as well, such as getting to know another team member better. Or pair team members up as accountability partners throughout the week, or even through the rest of the season, to track their progress. Not only will this build a better team dynamic, it will engage the entire team.

Build relationships

One of the advantages a coach can have motivating individual team members is by getting to know them. Take time during the training camp to develop relationships with your team. Learn what inspires them, what is happening in their lives and their individual quirks. Giving you a better understanding of how to coach them, this will also show that you care about them and provide a more meaningful role as coach. The ultimate competitive advantage.


If you are looking for an incredible, yet affordable venue, to host your training camp this year, consider BBMAC in Coronado. We have a world-class training facility and flexible training packages to help reignite your team’s focus.