Must-Have Apps for Swimming Coaches & Their Teams

September 28, 2017

While the history of swimming can show roots back to the Stone Age, the sport’s tools for optimizing performance and pushing the body to maximum capacity have grown light years. No longer are a pool and a whistle the main instruments guiding performance. Today, coaches can implement an unprecedented art of precision and tracking to their team’s growth.

Welcome to the technological age of swimming.

Below we’ve outlined several of the leading apps for coaches, as well as several that swimmers can adopt to push their skill beyond perceived limits. Swim on!


Commit Swimming

Commit Swimming is the end all be all software for coaching teams. Think of it as a blend between your workout journal and training log all wrapped into one-easy-to-use package. It even does calculations for you, giving you a full picture of your workout the moment you add in the exercise.

Did we mention that it takes attendance at practices as well? From allowing you to archive workouts to assigning specific groups tailored workouts, this is the tool you’ve always craved for a seamless swimming practice experience. Share the information with both your coaching staff as well as with your swimmers. Watch the full tour of the software here.

Try the app out for 14 days before taking the full plunge. If you like the results, you can purchase an annual membership at $72 or $90, based on the number of coaches on your team and the number of months you are active.

This app is available on both Android and IOS, as well as has a desktop version, giving you the freedom to design programs where you feel most comfortable.



Looking for something that tracks the gains your athletes are making in the weight room? Then the TrainHeroic program is for you! It starts at the door of the gym where athletes can check in directly on an iPad or computer. Once they start their workout, athletes can monitor and record their numbers either throughout the workout or as they leave.

As a coach, you can build and assign workouts for individual athletes or groups, simultaneously monitoring their progress. Vary workouts by day or build on existing routines throughout the season. Especially when overseeing a large team, this is a great way to give individual attention and adjust a specific swimmer’s routine or weights without having to monitor every moment in the gym.

This software is available for both Android and IOS.


Workout for Swim Coaches

Designed for the iPad, Workout for Swim Coaches gives coaches the ability to create, log, and execute practices from the pool deck. It even integrates a pace clock keeping you in line with the schedule you outlined.

Don’t forget to save your practice routines! You can use the groups feature to assign specific exercise sets to different swimmers. With that in mind, you can also take attendance as well.

You can find Workout for Swim Coaches in the Apple Store.


Swim Coach Plus

To the coach eager to work on technique, continually wanting to hammer home the importance of technique in long-term success, then Swim Coach Plus is your dream come true. Here you can record swimmers through the app. Then go in and provide specific technique analysis. Easily trim, slow down, pause, verbally comment, or even draw on the video to demonstrate your point. You can give specific feedback before your team member even gets out of the water or wait until later to go in deep with your tips.

To take the instruction to the next level, compare the swimmer’s video to video clips in the app of the proper technique. Easily share the individualized instruction through Dropbox or post general clips to Facebook, Sugarsync, and YouTube.

This IOS app is $2.99.

For Swimmers


On your mark, get set, unlock! Yes, unlock the vault of hundreds of customized swim workouts broken out into eight different categories. Take your exercises to the next level through comprehensive tracking and logs, all while sharing progress with friends. If you’re the type motivated by competition, which most athletes are, take advantage of the accountability and partner features. Here you and your partners can see the progress, and offer encouragement when necessary.

The entire programming in the app is built around working toward, and achieving, individualized goals. 

MySwimPro is available on both Android and IOS. This iPhone App also integrates with the Apple Watch, winning the title of “Best Apple Watch App of the Year.”

Downloading is free, but in-app purchases come in at either $14.99 or $99.99, likely a monthly or annual fee.



Designed with the cross trainer in mind, this top-notch fitness app tracks almost any exercise form you throw at it. Biking, running, cycling, and swimming all find their way into the charts and graphs, creating a seamless experience tracking your activity. Take it deeper by monitoring metrics such as speed or distance, even bringing sleep into the loop.

If you’re still not convinced on the power, consider this, TrainingPeaks works seamlessly with over 100 other apps and devices. Consider it your one-stop shop for all training data.

It is available on both IOS and android. Premium costs are $19.99 a month or $119.99 annually.


Pairing Your Training Camp with Your Training Technology

While technology is great, we both know that it’s not everything, especially when it comes to your training camp. For that, you need a state-of-the-art pool in a desirable location. From there you can go old school with our gym or run one of the various programs from the pool deck.

At BBMAC, we give you the seamless experience of a world-class pool, paradise, and integration of all of your training apps. It doesn’t hurt that we are mere minutes away from the glorious Pacific Ocean either.

If you’re looking to take your training camp experience to the next level, book it at BBMAC in Coronado, Calif. Hurry, though, we book out for winter training camps. 

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