Team Bonding That’s Fun in San Diego

December 22, 2016

We’ve all been dragged to those team bonding festivities that make you want to pull your teeth out. The trust exercises or word associations that lose oomph in application fail to garner the connectivity your team was craving. In short, creating a memorable experience remains a challenge. Regardless of how hard hosting a good team bonding exercise might be, they are mandatory for overall growth.

For this year’s training camp, choose something everyone on the team will love. San Diego offers a variety of catered experiences that will leave everyone smiling at the end. More importantly, all these venues do the planning for you. Better team bonding activities with less planning; what could be better than that?


Bubble Soccer 

Just because you’re focusing on bringing the team together doesn’t mean you can’t add in a little physical activity. Introducing the newly adopted version of an international favorite sport, Bubble Soccer. Imagine a stimulating combination of Sumo wrestling, bubble wrap, and soccer playing out on an open field under that glorious San Diego sunshine.

Despite the enormous popularity growing around the world, you might be unsure if this activity merits the attention of a college team. Know that professional teams as esteemed as Disney or Hewlett-Packard adopted Bubble Soccer for their trainings. We all need a fun way to release steam. Plus, with the entire team wrapped in the equivalent of modern-day bubble wrap, injury risk remains low. 

Inquire with San Diego Bubble Soccer for their team options.


Escape Rooms

If you’re looking to retire the physical activity for the afternoon, challenge the academic side. Themed puzzle rooms continue to captivate the attention of groups around the nation. From the den of a mad scientist to navigating the aftermath of Houdini’s illusions, groups will be placed in a room where they rely on their wit and collaboration to crack the code vital to their escape. With the clock ticking, can your team work together or will the pressure get to them? 

These interactive experiences will challenge your team in an entirely different way, creating that memorable experience they talk about for years to come. 

Several different themed puzzle shops call San Diego home, giving you the versatility to pair your team with the perfect escape room. Here are several shops in downtown San Diego to consider:


Laser Tag

Keep the competitive spirit going by reviving the childhood favorite of laser tag. Once you step out into the adventure zone at Ultrazone Laser Tag, the adrenaline kicks in as teams span out to find cover in the 5,000-square-foot, multi-level course. Black lights illuminate even the smallest speck of white, giving the competitive advantage to those clad in all black.

Watch as two teams rival each other in this electrifying version of capture the flag. Book your adventure here.


The Cornerstone of Your Training Experience 

San Diego can have the best team bonding experiences, but you need a world-class training facility to bring everything together. In Coronado, a mere ferry ride away from the iconic San Diego skyline, we bring together two pools for versatile training routines, a full gym for cross training, and the stunning Southern California climate at the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex.

We book up early for spring training camps, so make sure to reserve your pool time today. To help make planning your trip even easier, we partner with hotels to make competitive packages that fit college budgets.

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