Tips for College Coaches In the Off-Season

June 30, 2017

Ah, that beautiful summer bliss with freer schedules, a little extra family time, and community BBQs is finally here. But as you know, in the world of college sports, there’s never fully an “off season.” Which means that both swimmers and instructors need to stay mentally sharp and in shape for when it comes time to hit the water again in the fall.


Encouraging Off-Season Training

Alas, you most likely saw the majority of your team flock to their hometown with promises of staying in shape, the honor code in place that they will keep up their training. You’re right to be, shall we say, skeptical.

While your hands were tied when it came to requiring summer training regimens, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use influence (and maybe a few Jedi mind tricks) to keep athletes committed. It’s all about blending the need for a little R&R with the commitment to keep pushing toward excellence without the drive of a coach nearby. 

The Championship Coaches Network perfectly outlined four strategies (no comment on if they use mind tricks) to motivate athletes to spearhead their summer endeavors. It’s a great blend of visualization, inspiration, and equipping athletes with the tools.

Check it out here.


Ramp Up Recruiting Efforts 

Summer brings around a few milestones for coaches on the hunt to recruit top-notch talent. While you’ve been able to snail mail materials to high school talent since the start of their junior year, come the summer before their senior year you can fire up the phones. Depending on if you are Division II or I, you can start as early as June 15th or July 1st respectively.

To properly woo the top contenders, you’ll need to comment on their skillsets and why they would excel at your school. That means reviewing and analyzing profiles to scout out a good match. Luckily there are a lot of online resources out there designed to help match coaches to high-preforming athletes. 

Just as a refresher, here are the different recruiting guidelines.


Time for Your Own Rejuvenation

It’s not just the athletes that need a little time away from the sport. Over the school year, you’ve served as coach, mentor, and counselor for a few dozen individuals, not to mention trying to keep your team at the top of their game for months on end.

It’s safe to say you’ve earned a reprieve. Enjoy it! Carve out a little more time with the family, take a vacation, or tackle those home improvement projects that never see the light of day during the season. 


Start Planning Your Training Camp

In addition to all the duties of coaching, you’ve been tasked with the role of travel agent when it comes to scheduling your training camp. After all, a well-designed (and more importantly, well-located) training camp can help give you a leg up in the recruiting process.

At BBMAC in Coronado, Southern California’s premier gem, we make the entire process of booking your training camp simple. We partner with local hotels to create packages designed both for ease of planning and college budgets. Located adjacent to America’s Finest City makes for a plethora of activities that will keep any college student engaged.

But we book up fast, especially with many college coaches taking time over the off-season to shore up their camp’s details. 

Contact us today to secure your dates. We can promise it will feel good to knock one more thing off your list, allowing you to get back to enjoying your summer.