Private and Semi Private Swim Lessons

BBMAC and our staff acknowledge that we are a community surrounded by water and thus we believe that every resident should develop the skill of swimming to the best of their ability.

Swimming is a life skill that enhances the safety and enjoyment of all water activities.  To encourage this, we provide an environment where learning is fun and safe in the form of private and semi-private swim lessons in San Diego for adults and children of all ages.

Typically students are taught one-on-one with our instructors, but if parents wish, children of the same ability (ages 5 and up) can be placed together. We have found that individuals learn faster and better in this sort of environment as compared to instruction that takes place in large groups. Swim lessons are held throughout the year during the spring, summer, and fall. Please see below for more information about dates, costs, registration, policies, and our well-qualified trainers.


Registration begins: 


TIME: 9:00AM



Private lesson: $25.00 per lesson 30 minute lesson $12.50 per 15 minutes lesson

Semi-private lessons: Two on One Instruction for 30 Minutes: $13.50 per participant per lesson. Three on One Instruction for 30 Minutes: $10.00 per participant per lesson. (AGES 5 AND UP ONLY ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR SEMI-PRIVATES) 

**Please note semi-private lessons must be built by parents with children of a like ability. If you have two or more children or friends with the same ability semi-privates may work for you. Please note we will only do semi-privates for children ages 5 and up.

Instructors Days and Times

INSTRUCTORS               DAYS                                                           TIME FRAME  


BRANDON:             MONDAY – THURSDAY(starting 8/28)               1:30-6:15PM

HANNAH GRACE: MONDAY/WEDNESDAY(starting 8/21)                1:30-6:15PM

KIRSTEN:         MONDAY – THURSDAY(starting 8/28)                      1:30-6:15PM

TYLER:               MONDAY/WEDNESDAY (starting 8/28)                   2:00-6:15PM

MATTIE:           MONDAY – THURSDAY(starting 8/21)                       3:15-6:15PM

PALOMA:        TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS (STARTING 9/5)             1:30-6:15PM



  1. Payment must be made to hold lesson spots. We take MasterCard, Visa, Discover, cash or checks made out to CUSD.
  2. If your child is sick please notify us at once so we can cancel the lesson and schedule a make up. We need to keep our instructors healthy so we can provide top-notch service. Signs your child should NOT come to lessons: fever, throwing up, green snot or phlegm, open wounds and diarrhea. Please help us keep everyone healthy!
  3. If you miss a lesson and have not notified us, the cost of the lesson is still your responsibility.
  4. We need 72 hours advance notice to cancel a lesson and to reschedule a make up lesson. Anything less then 72 hours is your responsibility.
  5. We do not do cash or check refunds. If you are nervous about needing a refund, please pay by credit card, which we can refund.
  6. Once payment has been processed you may make one change to your schedule free of charge, After that there will be a $2.00 service charge for all changes.
  7. If you have scheduled lessons and you do not respond to any confirmations sent, the lessons will be considered scheduled and payment will be processed prior to the first day of lessons.
  8. We can only offer semi-private lessons for children ages 5 and up for safety. If you would like to save money we can still run a 15 minute lesson where your child gets 15 minutes of direct instruction.