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Swim Lessons - Legacy Swim Academy

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You may enroll as the season us underway the week prior to your intended start date and your balance will be prorated to your start date.
Programming will run Sa-Su from 9:00a-12:30 pm at the BBMAC and is currently offering Private or Semi-Private classes (can be up to 3 members of the same household). Teacher to student ratios will remain small to ensure quality attention yet provide peer development, motivation and engagement. Classes listed as OPEN can be requested by email and arranged as Private or Semi-Private for any student 18 months-17 years old at any skill level. Parents are expected to enter the water with any child under 24 months.
Your credit card information is required to register as there is an annual registration fee of $25 per family. Tuition for the Summer Season will be processed in two parts mid-July and early August.
Private lessons are $40 per 30 minute lesson per student. Semi-Private lessons are $20 per 30 minute lesson per student. A 10% discount will be provided to active duty military families.
It is important to note that we will not be hosting make up classes at this point. Students that miss a class due to illness will be eligible to participate in a 25 minute Zoom Online Swim Lesson with various curriculums exploring the different strokes, watching elite swimming races, and looking at interesting water based activities or marine life; the lessons concludes with a homework activity or challenge.  
Questions? Please email:
When enrolled in a class it is assumed you will participate in that class weekly throughout the duration of that season (July 6 – August 16). You are able to enroll after the season has begun. Some students sign up for twice per week participation by enrolling in two classes. If you wish to drop prior to the season end date you must provide a 30 day notice emailed to
About Legacy Swim Academy:
The mission of Legacy Swim Academy [LSA] is to become the leading institution for aquatic education and swimming promotion in Southern California. We will help swimmers of all ages and levels become more confident in their abilities and encourage various aquatic activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Three generations of swimming promotion, pool programming and aquatic center development are the foundation upon which LSA is built. Launching operations in early 2017, LSA has undoubtedly made an immediate impact and deep connection with the Coronado, Navy and San Diego community.
The founder, Brian Hall, has created a program that effectively teaches a strong understanding of technique and feel for the water. At the same time, his program invokes the unforgettable fun that he recalls from his fondest memories racing his brothers, cousins and friends or diving into the deep-end off of the springboard and floating around to soak up some sun!
Brian’s exposure to aquatic programming goes back to his grandfather, who helped develop many pools throughout his life including the world class Phoenix Swim Club, in 1987. His father was on the board of directors and involved in all aspects of operations. His Aunt and Uncle ran the lesson program that by 1998 outgrew the facility and advanced into the successful Hubbard Family Swim School. As competitive swimmers, his oldest brother Gary Jr., won ten Olympic medals and his father Gary Sr., earned three Olympic medals. They are the only father/son duo to attend three Olympic games each. Additionally, his grandfather, uncle, aunt and several other siblings were nationally ranked swimming champions. 
Brian has 10 years of professional experience in the swim lesson industry. He worked for the renowned Imagine Swim School in NYC becoming a most requested instructor and taught private summer lessons in the Hamptons. He also gained an immense amount of experience in management and quality control while working for a blue-chip contemporary art installation company in both New York and Los Angeles.
Instructors at LSA are trained to take on an active and participatory role in each lesson, offering visual demonstration and encouragement to motivate each swimmer to push themselves to become better and stronger swimmers. Each lesson is passionately infused with a spirit of aquatic adventure in a respectful homage to the many heroes and legends that continue to inspire Southern California and the United States.
In addition to teaching basic survival skills and technical instruction on the strokes, LSA is proud to focus on developing breath control, buoyancy and learning how to maximize propulsion in the most energy efficient manner.
Legacy Swim Academy Policies:
  • Refund Policy and Special Notes
Legacy Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel all, or any portion of a swim lesson due to weather, acts of God, or any other reasons within or beyond its control. Any cancellation made under 24 hours to the start of the scheduled swim lesson will be charged to your account. Private lessons are not eligible for refund or make ups.
LSA reserves the right to cancel or not host a lesson with fewer than 2 participants enrolled.
  • Double Diaper Policy
When a fecal accident happens, it forces us to close down for the day. This leads to frustration with all parties affected. Let’s do everything that we can to prevent this from happening!
Our Preventative Approach requires all children under 4 years old to wear swim diapers:
  • Children age 3 and under and those NOT COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED must wear a snug fitting non-disposable diaper over a disposable swim diaper.
  • By double-diapering we hope to minimize fecal accidents in our pool.
  • Please make sure that your child visits the bathroom before the start of lessons, even if they went at home. Please be mindful that just because children can tell mom/dad that they have to go to the bathroom doesn’t mean that they will ask the instructor.
  • If you observe your child showing signs of urgency, please come into the pool area, take your child out of class and to the bathroom. Nobody will be offended.
  • If your child is not feeling well, has cramps, diarrhea, or an upset stomach, do not come to class. It’s much easier to reschedule 1 child than it is to disappoint over 200.
Many of the families taking lessons at Legacy Swim Academy go through enormous efforts to make it to class on time. We do not want to disappoint anyone with something that can be prevented. Let’s all work together to avoid any mishaps.
For every fecal accident, we must charge a $400.00 cleanup fee if the child that had the accident is not double-diapered. Email for vendors that sell non-disposable and disposable diapers, if you are not sure where to find.
  • Sickness Policy
If your child is sick please notify us at once so we can adjust the schedule accordingly. We need to keep our instructors healthy so we can provide top-notch services. Last minute cancellations (within 24 hr) due to sickness will be dealt with on an individual basis. We reserve the right to charge the cost of the lesson without a note from a doctor. Signs your child should NOT come to lessons: fever, throwing up, green snot or phlegm, open wounds and diarrhea. Please help us keep everyone healthy!
If you miss a lesson and have not contacted us with a 24 hour notice, the cost of the lesson is still your responsibility.