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Youth Programs

kids at pool

Many youth programs choose BBMAC in Coronado, California because not only is the facility perfect for visiting teams, but the community is as safe as you can find.

In part, the safety comes from the small and tight-knit community that has it’s own dedicated police department for an area less than one square mile large.  The other aspect of safety is that there is little-to-no trouble for visitors to get into.  Being an island community Coronado is cut off from the much larger city of San Diego and is thus cut off from many of the issues found in large cities. On weekends it is quite common to see local teens out and about unattended because their parents know they are safe. 
Beyond safety, Coronado is easy to navigate, affordable, and quite comfortable for all visitors. For more general information about training in Coronado please visit our Train at a World Class Pool in Paradise page.