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    The Top 10 Reasons Coaches Love BBMAC

    Reason #1: Safe Community

    bill humby
    "The beauty in coming to Coronado is that we’ve been able to find accommodation close to the facilities. We can walk to the facility and it’s obviously a very safe community. You don't have to worry about the athletes going to the grocery store or the beach, you know they’ll be fine on their own. Everything is really close, so they can focus their time on training."
    —Bill Humby, Head Coach, University of Alberta Swim Team

    Reason #2: Affordable

    mark rose
    The Island location is safe, comfortable, … pretty good value for money and is on par what we’d pay for anything similar back home in Briton.
    —Mark Rose, coach of team from Manchester, England

    Reason #3: World Class Facility

    A top-notch training facility. The flexibility afforded by the BBMAC allows us to do some of our best workouts of the year here. The athletes love the pool, as well as its proximity to the beach and to shops and restaurants. And the weather and natural beauty of the island are an added bonus! Hopefully, I can bring my new squad down to train in Coronado! —Ben Loorz, formerly Head Coach, UNLV Swim Team (now Head Coach, Cal-State East Bay)

    Reasons #4: Excellent Team Building

    leslie shevlin
    It’s nice to have accommodation between the short course and long course pools and the staff is really flexible with scheduling to make it work for you. Our training in Coronado is the turning point for the swimming part of the season and the team cohesion part of the season. —Leslie Shevlin, Willamette University

    Reason #5: Weather

    joel rollings
    This is a phenomenal facility and community, a wonderful training environment. Back home today (January 3rd) it is -15 degrees with 12 inches of snow, here is Coronado it is going to hit 78 degrees! —Joel Rollings, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

    Reason #6: Fantastic Pool Staff

    This past July we took the National State Challenge to California for the first time and could not have been more pleased with the support we received from your staff. Randy Burgess, Carrie Fisher-Fernan, and their on-site personnel were incredibly helpful at every turn, making the event memorable for hundreds of athletes traveling from all over the country. I must have heard the phrase “Do you need anything?” fifty times a day from your staff. Slade James in the IT department also ensured we had adequate staff support as well, enabling us to stream 30 games to parents throughout the United States that were unable to make the trip. It was a wonderful experience and one we would like to repeat next year as well on an even larger scale if possible. Ideally we would love to see the event expand to 24 teams from 16. Please extend my thanks to the many folks involved and know that the professionalism of your staff was visible to everyone that participated. —Daniel Sharadin, Director, American Water Polo Association
    mark rose
    We’ve only been here 3 or 4 days and we’re already planning on coming back because we know if we have issues, and every training camp has issues, …that they’ll be taken care of by the staff straight away. You can go to some great facilities that have everything that checks the boxes, but you end up with, what we call in Briton, "jobsworth" (meaning that an organization is unwilling to go above and beyond what is expected). —(Mark Rose), coach of team from Manchester, England
    bill humby
    The staff is very accommodating in everything from setting up the schedule set up to getting into the facility when we need to. There’s never a hassle. It’s easy. It’s the way it should be. Right? So we’re very happy to be here. —Bill Humby, Head Coach, University of Alberta Swim Team

    Reason #7: Lots to Do in Town

    joel rollings
    What I like best is that everything on the island is so close together and it is so safe and I feel very confident the kids can walk around on their own. Some days we will do a single morning practice and then go to the zoo, go shopping, go to the Gaslamp district or even up to La Jolla to explore the sea caves. —Joel Rollings, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

    Reason #8: Cross Training Available

    kristin hill
    We like that we can get in long course training this time of the season, it helps us prepare for the championship phase of our season. We have the opportunity to use the weight room a couple of times during our training, which we need and helps us maintain that consistency. —Kristin Hill, Boise State

    Reason #9: Walking Distance to Everything

    bill humby
    Our BBMAC experience was just about as good as it gets. Everything we needed was within walking distance in the community; groceries and great shopping, and a variety of restaurants. Walk to the beach, hotel and ferry for the ride over to visit San Diego. Coronado is safe, clean, comfortable and relaxed. —Bill Humby, Head Coach, University of Alberta Swim Team
    leslie shevlin
    The kids walk everywhere so we don’t have to rent vans and they get a little extra cardio in. We stay in a hotel in Coronado with kitchens and go to the grocery store. We cook together and stay as a team. —Leslie Shevlin, Willamette University

    Reason #10: One of the Top 10 Beaches in the Country

    kristin hill
    [The BBMAC] provides us with everything we need. We can go out and feel safe and it’s obviously a beautiful place. We will go down to the beach here in Coronado, let the girls walk around the Hotel Del, there is a lot to do and the restaurants are great. —Kristin Hill, Boise State