About the Pool and Facility

The BBMAC pool facility is versatile and includes two pools, changing rooms/restrooms, and is adjacent to cross-training facilities.

The large pool can be set up either as a long course (8 lanes of 50 meters) or as a short course (19 lanes of 25 yards). The smaller pool, also called the instructional pool, is (25 yards) long and can have as many as (6) lanes. Our combined locker room and restrooms easily accommodate a full compliment of several hundred swimmers, coaches, and visitors.

Cross Training

In addition to the pools, BBMAC has direct access to a weight room and track-and-field facilities of the Coronado High School and many coaches choose to take their team to the world famous Coronado beach to experience some additional cardio training just feet from the surf.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

We are quite flexible in providing exactly what your group needs. Most often, teams rent a portion of our long course lanes.  This option can include rentals for as little as a few days and up to several weeks. Otherwise, you are welcome to rent the entire facility as is common for large groups training for days on end and also for organizations which want to host a swim meet. We will do everything to accommodate your group and also encourage you to plan well in advance. To check availability and to book your event, please contact Carrie at carolyn.fisher-fernan@coronadousd.net.