5 Reasons You Want to Train in Coronado

June 26, 2015

You have lots of choices when it comes to planning the location of next year’s swimming training camp. Although we’re biased (our stance is that Coronado is the best place in the world), we wanted to take a few moments to tell you why you should want to train here.

1) Perfect Weather

San Diego has the best weather in the country. This is especially true in the winter. There are more sunny days in January than any other month of the year. And we can’t talk about our phenomenal weather without highlighting the low humidity, especially compared to our eastern counterpart Florida.

During January, San Diego humidity reaches maybe 65% in the morning, dropping to about 50% in the afternoon. It’s the least humid month of the year. Florida on the other hand doesn’t sound quite as appealing. They start off at 85%, dropping to 60% in the afternoon. Some places start as high as 90% in the morning.

Did we mention that this is in January? We’d hate to see those humidity levels in the summer.

Overall, it’s the perfect weather for just about any activity. While our northern counterparts are experiencing frigid mornings that compare to the ice age, we are enjoying our standard temperature of 70 degrees. Everyday.

In short, paradise.

So with constant sunshine, unbeatable temperatures and the expansive Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, nowhere else can even compare to Coronado.

2) Killer Facilities 

You can’t cart of a team of elite athletes off to just anywhere. You have to find facilities that mirror their caliber. Lucky for your beach-loving self that Coronado has exactly that.

Let’s start with the pool. Our Olympic-sized pool has the versatility to be set up either as a long course (8 lanes of 50 meters) or as a short course (19 lanes of 25 yards). The smaller pool, also called the instructional pool, is 25 yards long and can have as many as 6 lanes.

Rest assured that the pool will be the highest quality pool in the region.

3) Attached Weight Room 

We know your athletes’ strength doesn’t just depend on time in the pool. They are elite athletes who need to commit to a dedicated cross training routine. That’s why we give you direct access to a full gym and locker room.

4) Best Outdoor Cross Training

While our gym is top notch, it doesn’t mean that the beach isn’t calling your name. Many teams that visit us hit the beach for the most unique and fulfilling cross training program.

Let’s be honest, the workout programs you put your athletes through are anything but enjoyable. Odds are they are downright grueling. So the least you can do host it at the beach.

5) It’s Coronado

In some cases this is a stretch. Not for Coronado. This is paradise in real life, just waiting for you and your team to visit. We’ve got beaches, quality restaurants, affordable lodging, all within walking distance of the pool.

Combine that with yearlong sunshine and what more could you want in a venue? 


We have packages all set up to make your life easy! We partner with high-caliber hotels within walking distance of the pool. Everything is set up and priced out per team member. This is because we know you’re not a professional meeting coordinator. You’re a coach. There are enough constraints on your time without adding travel planner. 

Additionally, once you are on the island, everything is within walking distance! No need to hire expensive buses to cart the team around. Life on the island is just easier.

But don’t take our word for it. See video testimonials from other coaches on how great Coronado was for their training camp.