Coronado Foodie Favorites

November 26, 2015

Just because you are visiting Coronado for a training camp doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our culinary decadence. In fact, with a team of elite athletes by your side, you probably have even more incentive to find good eats to entertain them with.

Lucky for you the San Diego region offers copious amounts of different food styles and restaurants to cater to your large group. Sometimes the hardest part is picking between all the different options.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of our “must hit” food categories. The majority of these city favorites can be found both on the island and over the bridge in San Diego.


The Famous Fish Tacos

It doesn’t even have to be a Mexican restaurant here to serve up scrumptious fish tacos. San Diego has taken this dish as its own mark on it. From mango salsas to marinated shredded cabbage to various types of fish, every restaurant does this dish a little differently.

In fact, so many restaurants are passionate about their variation that we now have citywide competitions to see which chef has the best rendition. Let’s just say that when chefs compete, everyone wins.

Here are some places to dig in:

Coronado Restaurants:

  • Night and Day Café
  • Miguel’s Cocina
  • Islander

San Diego Restaurants:

  • Tin Fish
  • Marion’s Fish Market
  • Anthony’s Fish Grotto


The California Burrito

What can we say; we have really good Mexican food here! Yet the true beauty is when we put our own spin on classics. The California burrito is a perfect example of that. We took a perfectly delicious burrito, added a bit of an American twist and came out with excellence.

Bite into this burrito and discover – French fries!

Yes. We put French fries in our burrito. You might be a little skeptical. That’s ok. It’s a time proven dish. It’s also one that is both filling and scrumptious. Something to think about when you need an affordable option that’s fast. Great if you have a bunch of hungry students on your hands as well.

This dish is a fairly standard option at smaller Mexican restaurants.

Coronado Options:

  • Clayton’s Take Out
  • Costa Azul
  • La Salsa Restaurant

San Diego Options:

  • La Puerta
  • Taco Express
  • Alamilla’s Mexican Restaurant


A Taste of Italy

As we mentioned, San Diego is a food mecca with a varied pallet. For some magical reason, we have a fantastic line up of Italian restaurants. Craving lasagna? Done. Want a few slices of Pizza to walk around with while sightseeing? No problem.  Let’s not forget about the meatballs! They are also quite the delicacy.

A Little Italy in Coronado:

  • Island Pasta Coronado
  • Fire + Fly Artisan Pizza

Little Italy San Diego (yes an actual area):

  • Filippi's Pizza Grotto
  • Bencotto Italian Kitchen
  • Mimmo’s Italian Village

We could go on and on about the delicious food categories that Coronado and San Diego alike have perfected. It’s better if you come and explore for yourself. 

To book your training camp in Coronado, contact us today. Not only does our island have incredible eats, we have a world class training facility. Hosting your next training at BBMAC in Coronado will be the best one yet!

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