Coronado in a Day

June 26, 2015

Your team works hard while they are here. All work and no play makes for a less than friendly team. So plan in a rest day to explore Coronado (and possibly downtown San Diego). Your team will hit the water the next morning energized and invigorated.

Since we’re the Coronado experts, here’s our highlight reel: 

Lounging at the Beach 

Few beaches can even compare to the splendor that is Coronado Beach. In fact, the rest of the U.S keeps laying on the accolades. What can we say, it is the best. 

Since we’re blatantly biased, check out our recent awards:

Biking or Kayaking

Just because it’s an off day doesn’t mean you can’t be exercising.  Depending on your vantage point of choice, seeing Coronado by bike or kayak is a unique and awe-inspiring experience.

If you are being discrete about adding in exercise, you might as well be clever and turn it into a team bonding experience. One word: tandem. From tandem kayaks to tandem bikes, stick a team member with a partner and encourage them to explore the island. After all, it’s in your job description to harness friendships. What better way than being required to coordinate on a tandem bike or kayak? 

Taco Tuesday

If you’re taking a whole day to explore the quintessential SoCal experience, it might as well be a Tuesday. To those from other areas of the country, may we introduce you to what should be a weekly holiday: Taco Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, restaurants around the entire region strap in for the stampeding of hungry locals descending upon their taco specials. Merriment and cheap tacos are abundant.  Especially given San Diego’s proximity to Mexico, our Mexican food down here is unbeatable.

So carve out some time in your schedule to try out this coveted tradition. Our hotel partner Coronado Inn even has an entire post dedicated to finding the best fish taco on the island.

Historic Tours

Your athletes are all students. This means it’s your job to squeeze in something academic during the week away. Good thing you have three options.

Okay, calling the Welcome Wagon Island Tour “educational” might be a stretch. We include it because it’s a great option to help your team members get a lay of the land. This way, they know where they are headed when they venture out on their own.


Whether you spend a day dedicated to exploring Coronado or sneak in adventures throughout the week, it’s up to you. Either way, Coronado is sure to enchant both you and your team.

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