Coronado on a Budget

September 24, 2015

Traveling with college students doesn’t exactly lend itself to elaborate budgets. This means you need to enjoy the island on the skinny.

Coronado has multiple budget-friendly activities and dining options for all budget types. The best part? You don’t need to sacrifice on enjoyment here. Some of the best activities are free.

Activities & Sightseeing 

Coronado Beach

Perhaps the ultimate island activity, this destination comes in with absolutely no ticket price. You can lounge on sandy beaches, enjoy the rolling waves, and watch the daily sunsets completely free.

Coronado Beach continually ranks as the best beach in both California and the United States. Know that these sun-kissed beaches you’re enjoying are nationally esteemed.

Visiting the Historic Hotel Del Coronado

The iconic Hotel Del is so prophetic in our island’s history and so revered nationally that it received the designation of a National Historic Landmark. Needless to say, it’s worth a short visit.

Coronado offers two different Hotel Del experiences. First is the Hotel Del Coronado Walking Tour. This tour, hosted by the Coronado Visitor Center, takes you through the hotel touching on the history, stories, and legend associated with the property. Tours are $20, and you can set up a private group tour.

For the more budget-friendly tourists, you can enjoy sweeping views of the Del for free from the Coronado Beach. Have the whole group come together and host a photo shoot from the shoreline with the hotel in the background.

Enjoy Orange Ave

Sometimes the simplest experiences are the most memorable. With this in mind, we invite you to walk around Orange Ave. As the keystone of our community, you will feel the small-town vibe come to life as you meet different people and talk to our storekeepers. Additionally, the homes surrounding Orange Ave showcase a variety of different architectural influences from throughout the centuries.

Dining Options

Cooking & BBQs

Many of our hotel partners offer room options with kitchen suites or BBQs on the facility. Skip the restaurant all together and enjoy the most cost effective meal, home cooked. You can even arrange for different classes to cook on different nights. Make it a competition on who can be the most creative in the kitchen.


Much like cooking at the hotel kitchen, enjoying a picnic blends team bonding with affordable meals. You can have team members bring items individually and turn it into a potluck of sorts if you like. Our beaches enjoy several fire rings perfectly designed for bon fires to roast meals or desserts on. Make sure someone packs the marshmallows!

Ultimate Budget Saving Tip 

Let’s face it. It’s not just the college students who are on a budget! As part of a university, you need to invest your funds wisely as well. In order to make Coronado the easiest and most cost-efficient decision, we created packages with our partnering hotels. They offer the best deal on hotel rooms to better accommodate swim teams. Once on the island you can forget about transportation costs. Everything is within walking distance.  

To learn more about how budget friendly a training camp can be in Coronado, contact us today! In no time you will be soaking up the sun in paradise, all at an affordable price.