Cross Training in Coronado

July 20, 2015

Cross training is a great way to take your swim team’s training camp to the next level. Swimmers not only enjoy switching up their workout routine, but also benefit physically from doing so. By performing different exercises targeting different muscle groups, they can boost their overall fitness level so that they’ll be stronger and more agile in the water.

What if we told you that there’s an island in the Pacific Ocean—just off the coast of sunny San Diego—with an Olympic-grade pool facility and a world of cross training possibilities?

Welcome to Coronado, where you can hold your most challenging training camp ever while enjoying the Southern California sun, sand and surf. Here’s what we’ve got to offer: 


Kayaking works many of the same muscles as swimming—mainly the back, arms and shoulders, along with the chest and core. It’s also an enjoyable way to take in the sights here on Coronado Island, whether you’re gazing out on the endless blue ocean or the San Diego skyline.

For a leisurely workout, Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc. in Ferry Landing Marketplace has scenic tours and rentals to take your team out on the water. Or, you can head over to the Coronado Boathouse for more of a self-led kayaking (or perhaps even rowing) session.

Standup Paddleboarding

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is an increasingly popular activity that’s much more difficult than it appears. It’s a killer core workout, and has the added benefit of being a low-impact one at that. Oh, and falling off the board isn’t really a bad thing; it’s actually quite refreshing!

SUP Coronado offers instruction and tours of both the ocean and bay side, along with what they call “ocean yoga”—that’s yoga, at sunset, on a paddleboard. Whichever activity you choose with SUP Coronado, just be sure to call and make a reservation. If they’re booked, both of the kayak providers above also provide paddleboard rentals.


California’s world-famous surfing is open to everyone, not just the pros. If standup paddleboarding is a success (or if your team just wants to go surfing for fun), the Coronado Surfing Academy has lessons and all the gear you need to hit the waves. Similar to SUP, surfing enforces balance, agility and perseverance—all critical elements to success at your opening swim meet.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball can strengthen your swimmers’ calves and quads while fine-tuning their reactions. Just a short walk (and shorter run) from BBMAC, historic Hotel del Coronado has arguably the best beach volleyball setup in all of San Diego. 

On Land: Beaches, Parks and Bicycles

Whether you’re going for some standard cardio or a full-on circuit, Coronado’s many beaches and parks are perfect for running, biking, calisthenics and more. Coronado Central Beach has ultra-fine sand and wide-open space for a team workout, while Glorietta Bay offers a large park and cool views of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

There are bike rentals just about everywhere you go on Orange Avenue and down by the landing; click here for a full list courtesy of the Coronado Visitor Center.

On Site: Track, Weight Room and Water Polo

We’re sending you out around the island because we want you to get the full Coronado experience, but we also have ample cross training right here at BBMAC. Your training camp package comes with direct access to Coronado High School’s weight room and track-and-field facilities, so you can supplement your intense swim days with resistance training and track workouts. You can even hold your own water polo tournament to bring out that fierce competitive streak in your swimmers.

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