From Pool to la Playa: The Benefits of Training in Different Environments

June 28, 2018

Training with your swim team in Coronado has several benefits: the state-of-the-art facilities at BBMAC give your team an exceptional environment to practice in, and the island itself has several activities and opportunities for cross training. Booking a camp or program with BBMAC makes it easy for your swim team to take advantage of our complex and enjoy everything the island has to offer…including the beach.

While we encourage teams to take advantage of our amazing facilities, many swimmers are captivated by the pristine Coronado Beach—and we don’t blame them. In fact, there are a few benefits to taking the team for an open water swim. Here are three reasons to hold one of your training days out at la playa, or the beach.

Help Your Team Build Confidence in Their Abilities 

Making the transition from the pool to open water requires a special type of effort. Waves, currents, water temperature, and lack of lanes mean swimmers need to alter their techniques and intentions. With open water, swimmers are confronted with a constantly changing environment and must change their approach in order to execute a successful swim and reach their goals.

Open water swimming can be a sort of mental training—not just physical—that will help your team feel like they can conquer any obstacle they face on race day. For example, some swimmers, especially those who have never swam in open water before, may have new fears to overcome. Facing those fears will build confidence in your team members and help them realize that they’ll be able to crush any other challenge that comes their way; swim meets and new races will seem like a piece of cake.

Create Flexibility in Their Technique 

Like we mentioned above, the ocean presents ever-changing conditions swimmers must learn to adapt to. Swimmers who stick with training in the pool will undoubtedly adopt a specific stroke technique that gives them maximum efficiency as they move through the calm water. However, dealing with the choppier water in the ocean requires them to adjust. While the stroke they end up using in the open water might not be the best suited for race day, it’ll give swimmers a new technique to add to their repertoire.

Give Them a New Perspective

Without the confines of lanes or pool walls, swimmers have the space to swim freely. They also get the satisfaction of swimming out to a distance and seeing how far they’ve gone—a gratification that doesn’t come from repeated laps in the pool. The changing environment may actually make the swim seem more enjoyable since their minds are actively adapting and staying engaged.

Of course, swimming in open water gives swimmers the unique ability to connect with nature while doing something they love. In Coronado, they may see a small pod of dolphins or even a few frolicking seals swimming out with them. It can provide an awesome new perspective that may just remind them of why they love the sport.

Out of the water, the beach offers the chance for your team to bond. Host a sandcastle building contest, start a game of volleyball, or encourage your swimmers to try their hand at boogey or body boarding. The fire pits on the north end of the beach also make a great place for s’mores, sing-alongs, and fun even after the sun goes down.

Book Your Session at BBMAC Now 

Our world-class facilities in Coronado are a perfect place to dive right in to a dedicated training program in paradise. We have one of the most advanced complexes in the country, which is perfectly equipped for swim teams looking to host week- or two-week-long training camps. Our world-class pool can accommodate both long and short courses, and our adjacent smaller pool can hold up to six lanes as well. At BBMAC, your team can get a full training and workout in—since our facility also includes a weight room and spacious locker room too.

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