Group Activities in San Diego

August 24, 2015

Every time you get on a plane you’re filled with a sense of adventure. Whether you’re headed off for work or play, you are going somewhere new. It’s a change of pace and an opportunity to explore what makes this country great! 

On a plane to gorgeous Coronado, that sense of adventure will be mixed with sure delight! To be honest, you would have to be crazy if you weren’t excited to visit what we affectionately call paradise. With year-long 70 degree weather, countless palm trees and 70 miles of pristine coastline, how could you not be excited? 

Perhaps you are overwhelmed at the prospect of traveling with your team in tow. 

In other cities, adventuring out with about two-dozen extra people can pose a challenge. Luckily, Coronado, and its neighboring city San Diego, make it easy with plenty for your team to do. Even Coronado has several activities for your team to enjoy together

Whether you call it team bonding or just a team outing, you’re in for a good time.

Whale Watching

Skip Sea World and see these majestic creatures out in the wild. January through April marks the annual whale migratory season here in Southern California. The magnificent gray whales complete a 10,000-mile trek from Alaska down the Pacific Coast to Baja. Here, the females give birth to calves. They then travel back north along the same path to finish their journey in the arctic waters. 

As for encounters, whale watching boat tours will get you the closest. In case you’re prone to seasickness, Cabrillo National Monument gives you a great vantage point with two feet firmly planted on dry land. Be sure to pack binoculars for the best views.

Tour the USS Midway Museum

Hailed as a floating city, the historic USS Midway Museum is one of the largest US Military ships. Today it’s permanently docked at the San Diego Pier for all to enjoy. This giant vessel housed over 225,000 active military when active. 

The USS Midway offers discounted tickets for groups of ten or more. Take advantage of the Coronado Ferry stop directly at the Broadway Pier. 

Visit the San Diego Zoo

The zoo may not have anything quite as large as gray whales, but they do have over 3,700 other animals to enjoy. Things get quite exotic there as well. Every turn takes you to a far-off land. From Asian Passage, to the Urban Jungle to the Lost Forest to the Elephant Odyssey, you can visit creatures from all over the world in a few hours.

Did we mention they were voted #1 Zoo in the World? That’s a pretty impressive feat if you ask us.

Old Town Trolley Tour

Why limit your exploration to just one attraction in San Diego when you can explore all of it? Taking the Old Town Trolley Tour might require an entire rest day, but the sights will be well worth it. You’ll hit the top San Diego tourist attractions via an easy to use hop on–hop off trolley. 

  • Hotel del Coronado
  • Petco Park
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Star of India (adjacent to the USS Midway)
  • Balboa Park
  • Old Town San Diego

Laser Tag

Dive into an adrenaline zone at the 5,000 square foot multi-level laser tag course in the Midway District. Ultrazone Laser Tag houses a one-of-a-kind landscape for teams to venture into. Here they battle out an epic version of “capture the flag.”

Insider’s tip: Wear black for a competitive edge against the black light. Contact Ultrazone to set up group discounts and schedule a game time.


Can you hear the sounds of pins rattling in the distance? It starts with the soft rolling of the bowling ball, then crashing into the pins and the echo across the alley. 


No matter your team’s ability in the alley, an afternoon out bowling will be filled with friendly competition and good times. East Village Tavern and Bowl is a leisurely 10-minute stroll from the Downtown San Diego ferry stop, 2 blocks north of Petco Park. While great fun for all ages, bowling at the tavern after 9 pm is for those guests 21 and older only. 

Scavenger Hunt

Add a competitive edge to exploring San Diego with Urban Adventure Quest. Their interactive app comes complete with a map, clues, challenges and hidden facts about the city. Not to mention the real time scoreboard will keep all team members engaged and charging onto the next clue. 

Teams are 2-5 people. Receive a 20% discount when you purchase more than 5 teams or a 25% discount when you purchase more than 10 teams. 

Coronado: The Ultimate Training Location 

While San Diego offers countless group experiences, Coronado provides the perfect reason to bring your team to Southern California. Our state-of-the-art Olympic-sized pool and training facility will give your team the perfect venue for a training camp this winter.

Check out what other coaches have to say about training and team adventures in Coronado.