Out of Water Drills: Cross Training for Swimmers

June 13, 2016

Ah, take a deep refreshing breath of that energizing ocean air. Listen to the entrancing sound of the waves crashing along the shoreline. Feel the rays of sun beating down on you. It sure beats the chilly temperatures of home in the winter.

Just don’t forget to check your watch for your swimmers running their drills. For a moment there, you almost forgot you were here for work. 

While we have a state-of-the-art-gym here at Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex in Coronado, many coaches opt to host their cross training routines at the beach. We can’t blame them. Why stay cooped up inside when the allure of the beach is calling? Since Coronado temperatures in winter rarely reach above 75 degrees with little to no humidity, you can work out your swimmers anytime during the day.

Lucky for you, the beach is a readily available. Our mile stretch of sand can be transformed into an elite athlete training ground with the right dose of creativity. It’s a 20-minute walk from our facility and even closer to many of the hotels we partner with.

Below are several different activities to include into your training. If you are looking for a complete workout, check out our Beach Cross Trainer Program for endurance. 

Pro Tip: To avoid getting sand everywhere, recommend that athletes bring a towel for groundwork.

Bridge Exercise with Extended Leg

Have athletes start by lying with their back to the ground and then elevate their torso with bent knees to the bridge pose. Then extend one leg out horizontally. Keep the knees together. Dip hips to the ground and then raise hips again to full height.

Continue for allotted time then switch legs.

Giant Flutter Kicks

While on the ground, have athletes continue lying with their back to the ground and legs fully extended. Lift one leg until it is perpendicular with the ground. Switch legs rapidly. For extreme core strength, don’t let athletes touch their legs back to the ground during the exercise.

Split Squat Jumps

Instruct athletes to start in a lunge position. From that position, have them jump up and return to the lunge position with the opposite foot forward. Split squat jumps can be done in set intervals, which would mean that you prompt your team to jump every few seconds or at their own pace.

Pogo Jumps

Have athletes start in a normal standing position. Once you start the time, have them rapidly start jumping up and down with their ankles together. Their feet should mimic a flapping motion as they jump.

As the name suggests, it will look a lot like you brought an entire team of elite pogo competitors to the beach.

Training in the Sand and Surf

Here in Coronado, we offer a variety of different cross-training activities. From spending a day sweating it out in the sand to an afternoon kayaking in the surf, you can accomplish a complete workout while taking advantage of our scenic views. You even have the option to go by land with a rented bike.

If you’re looking for a new place to host your next training camp, we invite you to consider our facility nestled into the heart of paradise. We even have swim and stay packages to make it easier for you to book your trip and get back to what you do best, coaching your team.

Contact us today to book your next year’s training camp.