Swim, Stay, & Play: Why Coronado is the Ultimate Swim Team Training Destination

August 6, 2018

Coronado’s beauty is undeniable; people travel here from all over the world, and it’s continually voted as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. From miles of pristine beaches to year-round sunshine, it makes sense that it’s also a magnet that draws college swim teams for training.

The city offers the perfect combination of practice and play time. So as you start to plan your next training camp, consider visiting Coronado. Here are five reasons why you should be planning your camp at our beautiful little island. 

World-Class Facility

We know colleges would never approve of choosing a training venue solely on the basis of perfect weather and golden beaches. Fortunately, not only is Coronado home to those, but also to BBMAC, a world-class pool and facility.

Our state-of-the-art pool can accommodate both long and short courses, and the adjacent smaller pool can also hold up to six lanes. We also have space for your team to train outside of the pool; our weight room gives you cross training options, and the beach and sporting activities (like biking and kayaking) offer other ways to keep your team active. 

Convenient Location 

One of the bonuses of training at BBMAC is exploring Coronado and nearby San Diego when you’re out of the water. The island is extremely easy to get around, and transportation is rarely an issue for teams. Coaches are regularly amazed at how the walkability of the island makes spending money on transportation nonessential, which ultimately saves their team money. Even the hotels included in our Swim & Stay Packages are within walking distance of our facility, and so are many restaurants, activities, and grocery stores.

Heading across the Bay into San Diego is an easy feat as well. The ferry, which is just $4.75 per person each way, is a convenient—and fun—way to get downtown. The stops at the Convention Center and Broadway Pier put you just a short walk away from many of the main attractions within the city. 

Access to Award-Winning Cuisine

While you’re out in San Diego, you can dine at a number of incredible restaurants. From Mexican to Italian, Japanese to fried chicken, you’ll be sure to find some group-friendly dining options that your entire team will enjoy.

Of course, Coronado has no shortage of culinary delights. Your team can explore mouthwatering cuisine without ever needing to leave the island. You can find sandwiches, cafes, taco shops, and Italian within our 7.5 miles. Some of the hotels we partner with even have kitchenettes, so you can cook and dine together as a group to save even more money.

Out-of-Water Activities

While swimming would be the main focus of your stay in Coronado, we know that the activities outside the pool can be a fairly large draw too. The beach certainly offers ways to keep your team entertained. Many of the teams who come to BBMAC end up heading to the beach to rent water equipment (like boogie boards, surfboards, or paddle boards), build sandcastles, and even run drills in the sand. Come nighttime, you can keep the team bonding going by hanging out and roasting s’mores around one of the fire pits. 

San Diego also provides a plethora of world-renowned attractions, including museums and amusement parks. Whether you want to bring the team together or give them time to explore on their own, we have it all. 


Training in paradise doesn’t mean you need to blow your budget. Our Swim & Stay Packages are extremely reasonable options that can work for teams of any size. Combined with inexpensive dining options, free activities around the island, and potential savings on transportation, hosting a camp in Coronado is an affordable possibility.

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