[Videos] Olympic Swimming Drills and Exercises

April 18, 2016

Every two years we pause our typical routines to scout our favorite summer and winter Olympic sports, cheering on our fellow Americans. Sometimes that even means staying up into the wee hours of the night to see who brings home the gold. The replay is never as good as the suspense watching it live. 

Luckily, the summer games in Brazil this year air with a much better time difference than the London Olympics in 2012. The time difference for the winter games in Sochi was even more challenging, but we’re more interested in the summer games anyway. That’s where we see the top swimmers of the world put it all on the line.

In honor of the games this year, we wanted to give you some Olympic grade advice. After all, it’s likely that you will be changing up your drills and routines throughout the year. Why not take in some tips from the best of the best?

Below are several videos with routines from Olympic athletes and their trainers. They would make a great addition to any training camp routine.

Train on!


Angels in the Water

Tips from Josh Davis, 4×100-meter and 4×200-meter Freestyle Relay Gold Medalist

Josh Davis didn’t just win an Olympic gold medal, he also has a knack for breaking records. To start, he was the first man to ever win three gold medals during the 1996 Atlanta games. To top that, the following Olympics he broke the American record in the 200 meter free-style race.

While his records have since been broken, this is one swimmer to take notes from.

Here is his favorite breaststroke drill:


Stretches to Swim Faster

Tips from Joanna Zeiger, Olympic Triathlon 4th Place

Joanna Zeiger may not dedicate her time fully to swimming, but as a triathlete her ability to excel in three different sports is admirable. Talk about taking cross training to an extreme level. Adding to her success, Zeiger extensively researches ways to make athletes preform faster. For the swimming section, she combines exploring both in the water and out of the water exercises. She’s definitely an out of the box thinker as well!

Here she outlines different stretches to help athletes swim faster.


Gym Cross Training Motions to Include

Tips from Lee Brandon, 2012 Olympic Swimming Coach

Elite swimmers get their cues from their trainers and coaches. That’s why they are so essential to helping their swimmers take their game to the next level. It’s always reassuring to know that the professionals rely on their coaches as well.

Lee Brandon is the mastermind behind the strength and conditioning of three international swimmers in the 2012 Olympics. It was her second Olympic appearance, the first being with a volleyball team in 1984.

When Brandon steps into the gym, it’s serious business. Check out her routine with swimmers Omar Pinzón and Markus Rogan. It’s straight from their London training playbook. 


Train Where the Olympians Train

At BBMAC in Coronado, we have a world-class facility for training. Throughout the years we have seen several Olympic teams en route for their quest for the gold. In fact, we are even hosting the US Open Water National Swim Team right before they head to Rio for the 2016 games. 

We’ll try to get some of their best training advice to add to the list before they head out as well.

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You never know. Perhaps someday one of your athletes will come back on their way to the Olympics.