What to Do When it Rains in San Diego and Coronado

May 26, 2017

Almost continually sun kissed, the golden shores of Southern California rarely see rain. On those sporadic occasions, you can typically count on the sun’s reemergence shortly after the brisk showers splashing across the region. After all, we enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the country. 

In the unusual chance you encounter a rainy day on your trek to paradise, know you can still enjoy a plethora of activities with your team. If you think you see a few clouds on the horizon, check out these phenomenal rain-friendly group activities.


Explore the USS Midway

Coined the floating city, this iconic vessel celebrates more than 50 years of life out on the oceans around the world. Paired with the powerful audio guide available to visitors, you and your team will be transported to the heart of life on the ship, listening to the sounds and hearing from those who sailed on this amazing vessel. While walking around, you will encounter real-life veterans eager to regal you with the tales from their experience fighting the various wars from our time. Finish your trip off with a quick look out onto the flight deck to see all the different planes that once rode the carrier.

Make sure to ask about group discounts. The audio guide is included in the price of admission. More information here.


Make New Friends at the San Diego Zoo

From encountering hippos to seeing rhinos reign to watching the baby jaguars roll around, you’ll walk away with a whole horde of new friends after a trek through the world famous San Diego Zoo. While the majority of the walkways are out in the open, the expansive amount of foliage and trees create reprieve from the rain. Often times the cloud cover and slight rain means animals will be more active, giving even more sightings of your most beloved creatures.

Get tickets here.


Go Down Under at the Birch Aquarium

While the San Diego Zoo does a marvelous job showcasing mammals from all across the land, the Birch Aquarium bridges the gap to the marine world. Boasting a collection of over 5,000 fish living in a variety of habitats, this aquarium gives you a unique look into the diverse maritime climates from around the world. Always wanted to see a seahorse? Done. Want to see crabs battle out territory in the tide pools? Consider it on the agenda.

Check out ticket pricing here.


See if You Can Escape 

Doubling as a team bonding and brain teasing exercise, San Diego’s newest attraction challenges you in a whole new way. Enter the Escape Room. These interactive experiences put you into a themed room, requiring you to solve a series of puzzles in order to secure your escape. The process will challenge communication and teamwork, which ultimately will help bring your team together.

Test out your escaping skills here.


Get a Better View from the California Tower 

Scale new heights at Balboa Park thanks to the recent opening of the California Tower. Sporting a newly renovated feel, bringing it up to code from the 1935 updates, this tower is now inviting visitors to enjoy an elevated view of the park and downtown San Diego.

Learn more here.


Take in a Show

Embrace the finer arts at Lamb’s Theater in downtown Coronado. Our small city ambiance produces Broadway worthy talent to delight all audiences. Performances vary throughout the year, always bringing new shows to our humble community. 

Check out the schedule here.


Immerse in a Local Farmers Market 

Rain or shine, these local farmers markets throughout the city will brighten street sides without fail every week year round. Meander the streets perusing local wares, fresh produce and artisans in the midst of live music as San Diego and Coronado show up in force to support their local farmers. 

The Coronado Farmers Market is every Tuesday afternoon, while the Little Italy one is every Saturday morning.


Take On an Art Scavenger Hunt at UC San Diego

Taking another dive into the world of art, explore the UCSD campus in hunt of some of the more extraordinary outdoor art pieces you’ll encounter. A 180-ton teddy bear to a crocked house balancing on a seven-story building are just two of the pieces you can scour the campus for.

Get the full itinerary here.


Choosing Paradise

Few cities can put together such a spectacular rainy day line up, and in San Diego we only see a few days of rain a year.

If you’re looking to book your team’s next training camp in sun-drenched San Diego, skipping out on those dreary winter days up north, chose BBMAC in Coronado, CA. Just a short ferry ride to the heart of downtown San Diego, our convenient location puts you within walking distance of all the major attractions. That includes a short jaunt to your hotel.

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