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Train at a World Class Pool in Paradise

a beach and a pool

BBMAC is considered one of the most complete and preferred swimming complexes anywhere in the United States.

This comes from a combination of what the complex provides (About The Pool & Facility) and its location in Coronado, California where the average summer temperature is 76 °F (24 °C) and the average winter temperature is 65 °F (18 °C); lows rarely drop bellow 55 °F (13 °C). The island of Coronado is set just off the coast of San Diego and is considered extremely safe, walkable, surprisingly affordable, easy to navigate, and downright beautiful.

Safe and Conveniently Located

The number one priority of all traveling teams is the safety of their swimmers. Because of it’s small size, the fact that it’s an island, and the tightknit community, Coronado is known for its safety. In fact, the one square mile island has its own police department, which is situated right in the middle of the town and has one of the lowest rates of incidences anywhere in the United States. Additionally, the island community is composed of young families and retired couples, many of which currently serve or have served in the United States military. Lastly, transportation around the city and over to San Diego is quite easy. Most visitors find they do not need to have additional transportation when staying on the island and many choose to take a short 10-minute ferry ride across to downtown San Diego. Most importantly, almost all hotels are within 10 blocks of the BBMAC pool!

Coronado Has it All

Because of its size and separation from the city of San Diego, Coronado has everything that a community needs. There are numerous supermarkets, a wide range (in cost and cuisine) of food options, theaters, and the other common activities of a beach community. Most teams opt to spend time enjoying the world famous Coronado beach and even do some cross training by the surf. Prices throughout the island are comparable to where you would find in any middle class community and are quite reasonable for visitors.

Stay Affordably 

A common misconception of Coronado is that because it is beautiful and has expensive and famous resorts like the Hotel Del Coronado that it must be expensive for teams to stay. However, there are many local hotels and Inns that are affordable and very team friendly and will even allow up to 4 swimmers in a room! For meals, many teams book Inns that include a free continental breakfast, BBQ grills or a full kitchen, so they can cook their own meals and keep costs down. In addition, many teams choose not to rent vans for the week and rent bikes instead, allowing their athletes to enjoy Coronado or take a ferry ride over to Downtown San Diego. Coronado is less than a 15 minute taxi ride from the San Diego International Airport!